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At the Law Office of Michael Reardon Weimer, our results speak for themselves. We specialize in criminal defense and family law.

Law Office of Michael Reardon Weimer

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At the Law Office of Michael Reardon Weimer, we are passionate about helping our clients through the most challenging times of their lives. Every case is important to us, and the results speak for themselves. It doesn’t matter how complex the case is. No complication will deter us from serving our clients. We offer reliable advice and provide the representation you deserve.

What We Offer

  • Criminal Defense - If you are facing criminal charges, your future and freedom hang in the balance. Hiring a skilled, relentless, and experienced law firm that understands the complexities of the legal justice system is essential to protecting your rights against government overreach. Mr. Weimer’s experience as Senior Pretrial Specialist with San Joaquin County for more than six years provides him with insight into the government’s role in criminal proceedings and can use the experience gained to zealously counter and advocate for your rights and interests. When a client retains our services, we immediately begin gathering all evidence to build a hard-hitting defense with know-how and determination.
  • Family Law –Because family law cases are unique and there is not a one size fits all approach, we offer various representation options. Choose from:
  • Full Service for when cases cannot be resolved without going to court and you desire a start to finish type of representation.
  • Limited Scope is available for clients who prefer to handle certain aspects of the case, while we take care of other matters. Together, we can work on your case and tackle the more complicated legal issues you may not be comfortable handling.
  • Paralegal/Document Review Preparation for Pro Se clients who would like to have documents reviewed or coaching prior to hearings in court.